Responsive website design

In the US, more than 60% of the Internet is viewed from a mobile device (source). That means your website MUST look just as amazing when it displays on a small screen. Punk Poultry Media works to design websites that look good on any size screen!

PPM websites feature:

  • Responsive, mobile-first design
  • Secure WordPress installations
  • SEO optimization
  • 100% customized for your business

A PPM-built website is like a mobile home or RV.  It's a structure that can be parked in different places.

A web host is like the piece of land where the RV is parked. Various hosts have various 'rental' plans that include various perks. You can park your RV with PPM or any host of your choosing.

A domain name is like a shortcut for the post office to find your RV wherever it's parked. Rather than people having to type out the full address of numbers and letters to find you, you tell the post office to direct things addressed to ((yourdotsomething)) to the current number address. We recommend using GoDaddy to register and administrate your domain.


We steer clear of proprietary technology. This means that whether we host it or not, YOUR SITE IS YOURS and you can transfer it wherever you choose without having to leave anything behind.

Here's a brief run-down of the process

  1. We work together to design your site on our test servers.
  2. If you don't already have a domain name, you'll need to secure one (we recommend GoDaddy--we can walk you through it). This way your domain name is yours and you have total control of it.
  3. When your site is nearly ready, we coach you on securing and setting up web hosting (through PPM or elsewhere) and adjusting DNS settings with your domain registrar.
  4. We then migrate your site from the test server to the host server and make final tweaks to ensure everything works as intended.

How much does it cost?

A basic three-page website* design can be as low as $100! We'll need to have a conversation about your needs, but we try very hard to keep these costs as affordable as possible. 

*A basic three-page website includes a Home page with four sections, a Contact page & form, and a page of your choice (About Us, What We Do, etc).

How is PPM different from, say, Wix?

Wix is proprietary technology. Even if you design it, your website is theirs, and you can't take it with you. Where a PPM website is like an RV, a Wix website is like a hotel suite. You can choose colors and where to put furniture and hang some of your own photos, but when the location no longer suits your needs, you can't take anything but your photos with you. You will have to start from scratch when you choose to move away from Wix.