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Original vector image submitted to Pixabay

Giving back via Pixabay

By Stacey | April 5, 2023

Just a quick share. I’ve been working on promotional material for Lake Whitney Arts’ production of Clue and needed a vector image of a game piece. I searched my usual sources for stock images and couldn’t find what I wanted. Soooo, I made exactly what I had in mind. I was so pleased with how…

Create your own display ad in Canva

Creating a custom ad in Canva

By Stacey | April 2, 2023

Even as a graphic designer, I’m a big fan of Canva. Their free version is the same well-designed intuitive tool as the Pro version, and it has hundreds, maybe thousands, of free images, shapes, fonts, photos and more (the Pro version has even more content and a few more bells and whistles). In short, ANYONE…

What's the best image format for the Web?

Image formats for the Web

By Stacey | December 1, 2022

Which is better, JPG or PNG? Search engines love text, but people engage with images, so it’s important to have a good mix of both text and images on your website. And with free tools like Canva, creating quality images is easier than ever. But what’s the best format for web images? Spoiler: It’s not…

Punk Poultry Media ribbon cutting at the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

Punk Poultry Media Ribbon Cutting with the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

By Stacey | October 14, 2022

Yesterday I got to have my ribbon cutting for one of my local chambers, the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce! It was a super-quickie before their board meeting (look at all these lovely Board members!) but it was enough for some great photos! I’m a member of the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce, too, but never…

Why do I need a vector logo?

Why do I need a vector logo?

By Stacey | September 9, 2022

Yep, I hear you. “I’ve done just fine so far, why do I need a vector logo?”  I also hear you over there, yeah you, in the shirt, “What’s a vector logo?” You are in luck, because I can answer both of those questions! Once upon a time in the land of the internets, average…

Punk Poultry Media ribbon cutting at the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce

Punk Poultry Media Ribbon Cutting with the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce

By Stacey | September 9, 2022

I’ve been behind the camera for hundreds of ribbon cuttings with the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce. So it was kind of a big deal yesterday that I got to USE THE SCISSORS! How many times had I cautioned people, “Be careful, they really do cut!” (I made sure to tighten them beforehand so they really…

How (NOT) to DIY Marketing

How (NOT) to DIY marketing

By Stacey | September 3, 2022

Small businesses and non-profits very often have to do their marketing in-house by people who don’t have a lot of experience in marketing.  And while creative, effective marketing is a beast unto itself, here’s a quick list of straight-forward things to (NOT) do. (DON’T) Spam website contact forms with offers of service. Forserious. If you…

12 Resources for low budget / no budget marketing

Low Budget/NO Budget Marketing

By Stacey | August 27, 2022

Small business marketing is often a low-budget (or even NO-budget) endeavor. Paying someone else to do it is often completely out of the question, so it’s up to small business owners (and often their friends and families) to do the marketing. Fortunately, if you have a little bit of time, a little bit of patience,…

Five ways to boost your SEO

5 Ways to Boost SEO

By Stacey | August 19, 2022

You have a website, wooo! *high five* Having a web presence is becoming more and more essential for doing business in the 21st century. With smartphones in nearly everyone’s hand and search engines replacing phone books, potential customers are almost certainly going to search online before they contact you. So how can you make it…