Punk Poultry Media Ribbon Cutting with the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce

Punk Poultry Media ribbon cutting at the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce

I've been behind the camera for hundreds of ribbon cuttings with the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce. So it was kind of a big deal yesterday that I got to USE THE SCISSORS! How many times had I cautioned people, "Be careful, they really do cut!" (I made sure to tighten them beforehand so they really would cut, and they did!)

My ribbon cutting was right after Once Upon a Wedding, so we got to be in each other's photos. Amber does it all when it comes to weddings, from planning to officiating, and a lot more besides! If you know someone getting married, point them to her website!

She did her ribbon cutting first, part of which involves going around the room and allowing everyone to introduce themselves. Then for my ribbon cutting I made everyone introduce themselves again because I wanted the full experience!

It was fun, and I thank everyone for humoring me.